Collaboration of a Forest Concession with Commnities in Indonesia

coverCollaboration betwen the company PT. Suka Jaya Makmur (SJM) with four villages in and surrounding the concession areas started in 2002, when the villages agreed to support the company to stop illegal logging was very pravelent, including in the SJM concession, treatening the livelihoods of people living in those areas.

SJM engaged some villagers to conduct patrols aimed at deterring illegal logging activities, as well as at protecting the local community forest. The village people also formalized an agreement with SJM to help stop uther illegal activies, such as mining and poaching. Based on this records, the local community established a group named PAMWIL or the Community based protection unit. In 2010, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) provided assistance to strengthen the capacity of the unit members on aspects such as forest regulation, species identification and conservation, as well as to strengthen the legalization of the unit. In 2014, PAMWILL renewed the agreement with SJM.
SJM also collaborated with WWF on a project to support livelihoods in several villages and to implement the Education for Sustainable Development programme, which seeks to integrate environment and conservation issues into school curricula.
The objective of these livelihood programmes is to increase the income of communities, in order to reduce people's dependence on forest resource. Based on local potential, the company is working with WWF to support the development of quality honey bww production, including post-harvest management and marketing.
In addition,SJM has collaborated with The Natural Conservancy, Fauna and Flora International Indonesia and the USAID-funded Indonesia Forest and Climate Support on a high conservation value forest programme and a community developement programme.

Source : I.B.W Putra, Alas Kusuma Group, Indonesia